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Thanks for stopping by my page! My name is Artur Bukowski and I?m an BARNET wedding photographer who specializes in reportage capturing beautiful weddings. I established ABWeddings in 2008 and haven?t looked back. I have photographed over 150 weddings as a lead shooter and typically shoot between 30-40 weddings a year. I was born and raised in Poland, but now I’m Based in London, UK.

The Right Photographer for a Wedding BARNET

Are you planning a wedding in [pb-city[? We’re here to help you capture the moments of the most exciting day of your life. I am the BARNET photo studio for you. I can offer you a customized package that includes a wedding BARNET photographer who will treat you just like family.


I remember sometimes I was staring at the photographs take by my father when I was a kid. They were representing the world for me, I was dreaming abut voyages, fascinating places and adventures. When I bought my first car, the world became suddenly much more interesting, I started sightseeing, admire the nature and the beauty of it. I was learning how to see. And soon after I learned how to capture what I see. Few years ago I bought my first camera and it was soon after I became bored with just snapping around. The shelved quickly became full of photography books, as well as the equipment in my photography bag. Soon after, everything was clear to me ? photography became my grates adventure of my life. My name is Artur Bukowski, I am from Poland but live in London.

Amazing Wedding BARNET

You’ve dreamed of this day ever since you can remember. You’ve planned it right down to the minute. You have the perfect dress, the best location, the right limo and an amazing florist. Your wedding party is ready, with their chic attire. Your ring bearer and flower girls have been prepped. The vows have been written, perfected more and more each day. The RSVPs have been received, and plane tickets have been confirmed. Everything is in order and your day will be perfect. You, your groom and everyone around you will be at their best and dressed to impress. Now, it’s time to hire a local photographer BARNET who specializes in an amazing weddings BARNET .

Wedding photo BARNET

When choosing to commit to a wedding BARNET different couples choose to celebrate their special moments in very different ways. Most couples choose to incorporate their bridal party in different shots with them, as well as taking a series of shots alone. Some couples also want the ceremony itself to be documented, along with the following reception.


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